Wednesday, June 4, 2014

AMD Technology Revolutionizing PC

AMD recently revealed the presence of specific Kaveri APU mobile PC . Unlike the desktop PC models , this new chip supports interactivity between users with laptops .

" The latest revolution . Better core architecture . Most powerful CPU , the balance of system ( CPU and GPU ) , offers a new experience for the user ( end user ) , " said Kevin Lensing , SR . Director , Mobility Solutions Client Business Units AMD told reporters in Taiwan , Tuesday ( 03/06/2014 ) .
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AMD Kaveri is designed to offer the best performance of computing and graphics packaged into a single chip . This product supports DirectX 11.2 , PCI Express Gen 3 , and True AMD Technology .
Kevin also explained that the processor is performing with HSA feature , which offers the power of the GPU and CPU . When totaled , there are 12 core , which consists of 4 core CPUs and 8 GPUs .

AMD Kaveri comes to bring new innovations in the use of laptops . Later , the product Kaveri APU powered notebook can support as well as technology features Face Login Motion Gesture .
With Mantle technology , developers will be able to create a PC game with the best graphics . AMD Kaveri also supports lower battery consumption .

According to Kevin , the support of AMD's latest APU can make a change or a new habit of using a mobile PC technology . For example , utilizing a laptop for video conferencing activities , get crystal clear audio quality through echo and noise cancelation feature on AMD True Audio .

Kaveri Jpeg Decoder also supports the feature , in which the PC will be 80 percent faster when opening a Jpeg file . " AMD gives performance , longevity and stability , " he added .
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AMD FX series processors ( AMD Pro ) , FX - 7500 is claimed to be stronger when compared to the Intel Core i7 - 4500U ' Haswell U ' . Moreover , in terms of graphics through 3D Mark benchmark , AMD A10 - 7300 ' Kaveri ' 50 percent stronger than the Intel Core i5 - 4200U ' Haswell ' .


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Team Success Jokowi-JK in East Java Sound Shutter 65 Percent

Joko Widodo successful winning team -Kalla targets to dominate 65 percent of the vote in East Java on July 9 presidential election later .

The target was considered realistic given the voters of East Java are two pockets Jokowi - JK bearer party , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) and the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) .

" East Java with a turnout of about 30 million , it is the warehouse that in fact people nahdiyin PKB voters , and citizens Marhaen , PDI - P . Did not include voters Nasdem , Hanura , and PKPI , " said Chairman Jokowi - Winning Campaign Team JK Province East Java , Kusnadi , after holding consolidation , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) afternoon .
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The dominance of the vote Jokowi - JK , says PDI - P secretary of East Java is predicted uneven . Such as PDI - P may be a lot of noise in the area collect Mataraman , CLA of the horseshoe region , and Madura , while Nasdem Party of Probolinggo .

It claimed to be " all out " mobilize the potential power of each party and volunteer to win Jokowi - JK .

" The East Java baromater Jokowi - JK victory at the national level , and his voice will certainly contribute significantly help win , " he added .

Pair -vice presidential candidate , Jokowi - JK in the presidential election this year supported a coalition of four parties , the PDI - P , PKB , Nasdem Party , Hanura , and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) .

Jokowi- JK will compete for the most votes with Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa promoted Gerindra coalition , the National Mandate Party , the Prosperous Justice Party , Star Party , the Golkar Party and the United Development Party .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Suryadharma case, INTRAC Find Suspicious Transaction Billions of Rupiah

Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (INTRAC ) finds a suspicious transaction data associated with the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali . The value of financial transactions and billions of dollars have been handed over to the KPK .

"Lastly , INTRAC submit LHA ( analysis report ) to the Commission two weeks ago , " said Deputy Chief Agus Santoso INTRAC via the short message on Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) .

According to Agus , many LHA INTRAC submitted relating to the conduct of the pilgrimage . Some LHA , he continued , was based on the results of the examination of the management of funds pilgrimage INTRAC 2004 to 2012.
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Of the audit , INTRAC find suspicious transactions amounting to Rp 230 billion, which is not apparent use. During that period , the funds managed hajj reached Rp 80 trillion in exchange for proceeds of about Rp 2.3 trillion per year .

" And some of deepening LHA obtained INTRAC suspicious transactions , which allegedly related to irregularities haj fund management / organization of Hajj , " said Agus .

Associated with the implementation of Hajj 2012/2013 , the Commission set Suryadharma as a suspect . Chairman of the United Development Party 's alleged misuse of authority or unlawful act which resulted in losses to the state .

Mode of abuse of power and enrich themselves , others , or corporation who allegedly committed Suryadharma . Among others , by utilizing the initial deposit of funds to pay for Hajj by public officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage . Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion .

LHA found INTRAC also shows that Suryadharma invite 33 people leaving for Hajj . KPK also suspect there are price bubbles associated with catering , lodging , and transportation of pilgrims .

Suryadharma addition , the Commission suspected there was involvement of other parties in the cases of alleged corruption organization of the Hajj . Allegedly , there are members of the Council who play in the catering business associated with the Hajj . Alleged members of the Board games are also associated with foreign exchange business .

There are allegations of secrecy in the mechanism of foreign exchange ( forex ) administration Hajj . Always done in currency exchange changers that 's it , while not explained what the parameters in choosing a currency exchange place .

INTRAC also has submitted a suspicious transaction data related to members of Parliament to the Commission to be explored further .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Starting June 1, PT KAI Enforce New Schedule

For those of you who have already bought a train ticket for the exodus or using railway transportation from next month, consider carefully the scheduled departure of the train you want riding.

Therefore, starting on June 1, 2014, the scheduled departure and arrival whole long distance trains will be changed and not in accordance with the schedule indicated on your ticket.

For those who have already bought tickets and will arrive late, PT KAI sure will not tolerate and your ticket will be declared forfeited.
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Today, PT KAI began to disseminate changes to scheduled departure and arrival of trains, at the City Railway Station Jombang, East Java.

Officers distributed fliers containing the new schedule departure of the entire long-distance trains, from East Java Jakarta-Bandung purposes or otherwise. This new schedule will take effect from June 2014.

PT KAI admitted to accidentally change the entire schedule of long-distance train departure, because they want to provide better service to passengers, so that those who want to go to Jakarta or Bandung could come sooner.

The implementation of this new schedule also applies to the tens of thousands who have already purchased tickets for the previous passenger. For that, PT KAI appealed to people who had already bought tickets for departures starting on June 1, 2014, soon find the latest information about the train departure schedule.

Because the new schedule could be a later train that you are riding had left a few hours earlier than the time listed on your ticket.

When will you arrive late and miss the train, PT KAI sure will not tolerate the use of other train and transport your ticket will be declared forfeited ..

Train schedule to be changed keberangkatanya, which are Bangunkarta Railway Jakarta goals originally set off at 16:00 pm from Jombang Station, will advance the schedule be at 15:20 pm departure.

Railway Gajayana destination Malang-Jakarta before departing at 15:00 pm, will be promoted to depart at 13:40 pm. Furthermore Railway Milky destination Surabaya-Jakarta before leaving at 5:00 p.m. to 18:00 pm from Surabaya will be brought forward to 16:35 pm. Likewise with other trains.

In addition to provide better services to the passengers, the other reason for the schedule change also meant that the arrival of long-distance rail traffic does not interfere with KRL in Jakarta.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Market Traders Bogor slams PD Pasar Jaya Pakuan

More than 100 men and women who are the market sellers are still demonstrating in Bogor Bogor City Hall , Jalan Juanda , Bogor , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .
They loudly protested and criticized the Regional Enterprise Market Pakuan Jaya seal Market stalls in Bogor . Reason sealing , the right to use the kiosk by the merchant has run out . However , traders have the right to use evidence that is valid until 2017.

Traders PD condemned the sealing RPM stall at midnight . Due sealed , traders can not move and losers . If open stalls , traders threatened criminalized . " We feel our rights are violated , " said Iskandar , one of the traders .
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Moreover , traders also chanted the alleged corruption in the management of PD Market Bogor by RPM . For example , there is no transparency about the price of a new kiosk . Ongoing revitalization project is not optimal or patchy impressed .

Director of PD RPM Yusuf Ali could not be reached for confirmation .

Traders still survive in Bogor City Hall waiting for Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto . Milky promised to meet traders after attending the event .

However , the latest information call , traders are required to come to the PD 's office in Jalan Padjadjaran RPM to meet the Bogor secretary Ade Syarif Hidayat City to discuss negotiations .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eight People Arrested Turkey Mine Disaster Related

Eight people have been arrested in Turkey as part of an investigation into last week's mine disaster that killed 301 workers at Soma Small Town in Western Turkey .

An arrest warrant has also been issued to the owner of the company Alp Gurkan , reported Radio Television Turkey ( TRT ) on Tuesday .

Coal Mine Company CEO Soma Can Gurkan , son of the owner of the company Alp Gurkan , and General Manager of Ramazan Dogru were among those who were arrested on charges while " lead to many deaths " in the accident.
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A total of 26 people were detained and questioned , said Chief Public Prosecutor Bekir Soma Courthouse Sahiner told reporters on Tuesday .

Initial reports about the possible cause of the accident has shown a fire in the mine may have been triggered by heating coal after contact with air , said Sahiner , Xinhua reported Tuesday night .

The disaster was the deadliest mining accident in the history of Turkey since the explosion in Zonguldak Province in the Black Sea region in 1992 , killing 263 miners .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Food Industry "Must be Regulated as Cigarettes"

A number of international agencies called on the food industry regulated as tobacco industry because obesity has global health risk greater than the risk posed cigarettes .

Consumers International and the World Federation of Obesity says global deaths due to obesity increased from 2.6 million people in 2005 to 3.4 million in 2010 .

They advised governments around the world to apply strict rules to regulate food and beverage industry , the BBC reported , Pippa Stephens .

These rules include restrictions on salt content , saturated fat , and sugar in food ; improving the quality of food in hospitals and schools ; tightening of the rules of marketing ; and education about healthy food .
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However , the Global Food and Drink Federation said the industry they already support the rules .

Tightened control

A number of recommendations were proposed by two international organizations include the elimination of artificial trans fat content of all food and beverage products within five years .

Advertising aimed at children in television programs should also be restricted .

While the packaging of food products must display the image obesity effect , similar to the concept applied to packs of cigarettes . The Government may review the price of food , including tax and change the permissions control and start new research , said the report .

Luke Upchurch from Consumers International said they asked the government to respond to these issues " in the same level of risk " to the tobacco industry . " We want to avoid a situation like the 1960s . At that time , the tobacco industry said there was nothing wrong with cigarettes and good for our health , but 30 or 40 years later, millions of people died .

" If we do not take action now , we will have the same problem in the food industry . "


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Basuki: Many traders "moral hazard" in Senen Market

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja suspect many outside traders who trade in roadside Pasar Senen . It causes traffic jam snaking in Senen .

" We find merchants who are not victims participate in roadside selling well . Traders beyond moral hazard , " said Basuki at the City Hall , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

Currently , he added , PD Pasar Jaya with the Central Jakarta City Government is conducting data collection vendors . Through the data collection , which will be known only genuine traders and merchants outside Pasar Senen .
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However, Basuki said he did not instruct his men would be rash to curb roadside traders in Pasar Senen . Therefore , if the Government cracking down , this can be blamed for human rights abuses .

Therefore , control of Senen market traders will be done after all the vendors entering shelters . According to the plan , there are three shelters for traders Senen Market Block III while awaiting revitalization is complete . All three are in Block V , the front page of the market , and a market garden beside Block III .

If the trader has entered the shelter , the provincial government will determine the moral hazard merchants . Therefore , they will not be accommodated and still selling at the roadside .

" They mostly come from outside Jakarta . Fact , Jakarta is difficult , if we act decisively , say rude . Fact , our duty to administer social justice , what we mean is oppressing you ? Justice was holding a weapon and scales , " said Basuki .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Prepare Purbalingga regency Rehearsals Post

The entire range of government agencies on education and Purbalingga prepare for the worst possible of the activities of Mount Slamet.

'' We have been coordinating the entire range in the region on education and Purbalingga for the alert.

Including doing inventory of logistics, infrastructure and disaster affected population data,'' said Secretary Purbalingga, Imam Subijakto, after the disaster coordination meeting in Purbalingga 0702 District Military Command Headquarters, Friday (2/5).
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To anticipate the worst, the entire region is likely to be affected by the eruption of Mount Slamet it will do the rehearsal post at the district level.

This is necessary because the new disaster relief exercise held in the District Karangreja post which indeed is the area closest to the peak of Mount Slamet.

'' The plan on Tuesday (7/5) tomorrow there will be a rehearsal post again. Especially for post Kutasari districts and other districts further,'' he said.


Education Day , Hundreds of Students in Bengkulu Expelled from School

National Education Day Bengkulu City , Friday, May 2, 2014 , colored by the expulsion of the student . This event occurs when 493 students of SDN 62 Bengkulu want to study at their school .

Known , the expulsion of the land because of their school , which stood on the land area of ​​5,638 square meters , is still disputed . Landowners , Atiyah , sealing the school land covered with corrugated iron fence around the school . As a result , hundreds of students and their 26 teachers were forced to learn to teach in the terrace house owned by local residents .

According Fisahri , one of the heirs of the land of SDN 62 , the sealing was done because they were already upset by obscurity status of compensation for land he owned since 34 years ago by the government of the city of Bengkulu .
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He said , in the ground state certified 990/IV/Sisa numbers . Letter Size number 191 dated May 1, 1980 , it only wants to ask the land compensation of Rp 1 million per square meter or Rp 5.6 billion .

"It's been our since we leave on , but there was no follow-up as well . Therefore we decided school is fenced with zinc . In February, there was an agreement for compensation , but to this day there is still no clarity as well , " said Fisahri .

From the observation headline , after the school fencing , automatic learning activities and schooling disrupted . Hardiknas memorial service was forced to do in the patio citizens without a flagpole . While teaching and learning activities were also transferred to the terrace houses .

Head SDN Bengkulu City Point Sunarsih 62 , said he was disappointed with the expulsion of the student . However, he can not do much , because the land does not belong to the City Government of Bengkulu , and has long been in dispute .

" If it was disappointed for sure , but how else . 's Land is theirs , and is in the process of settlement of compensation . , But it ideally , that's another resolution process , do not sacrifice our students who want to study , " said Point .

There Is No Solution

Separately , Head of Education and National Culture Gianto Bengkulu City , said he could not do much about the expulsion of elementary school students . But he promised , in the near future will further coordinate with the City Government regarding the settlement of Bengkulu .

" No authority in Bengkulu city government . We will do everything possible to find a solution , " said Gianto .

Alternative building related learning , Gianto admitted until now still continue to be pursued . Because the entire building another school as an alternative is not available , due entirely unused .

" We will find the alternative , if today is forced to learn in the first terrace . Problem is that the building is no longer vacant . Hopefully there will be an alternative later , " he said .


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

UI Student : " I'm More Support Russia "

Support for Russia emerged from some students at the University of Indonesia ( UI ) . It comes after public seminar on the issue of Ukraine was held in the UI .

" What happened in Ukraine is the only logical reaction . After all, the United States also sent troops over the border in support of former President Yanukovich . Seeing the conflict in Eastern Ukraine , I would support Russia , because it is able to keep the peace there , "said Aziz, one of the alumni of Russian literature when found Okezone , in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/29/2014 ) .
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Not only Aziz , one of English literature mahasisiwi UI Diana also expressed his opinion . According to Diana , in view of the conflict between the U.S. and Russia may no middle ground of this crisis .

Examining the culture , continued Diana , problems occur is a matter between Ukraine and Russia . U.S. not needed in the crisis in Ukraine .

" Because the U.S. is a Superpower heat up the situation so he just wrote . U.S. in the wrong position , if there are UN agencies , does not need to intervene frontally , " said Diana .


Performers dipper Police Sexual Assault Primary School Students

Police resort Siak , Riau , scooped perpetrators of sexual abuse of an elementary school student in the district Paddle .

" We have arrested the perpetrator over the victim's parents report , " said police chief Dedi Siak Rahman Dayan in Pekanbaru on Tuesday .
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He said officials moved quickly after receiving reports the victim's parents , and then ask for information a number of parties .

The main perpetrators of sexual abuse victims that it is the teacher every day teaching at a primary school in District Rowing, Siak .

Parents of victims L ( 40 ) reported to officers on Saturday ( 26/4 ) that her son had been sexually abused by a teacher NRV .

Of the report, then call the police perpetrators , and finally confessed after being asked an explanation from the investigator .

" After review, the direct perpetrator can be charged under Article arrested for child abuse with the threat of five years in prison , " he said .

In recognition of the perpetrator to the officer that used to watch pornographic videos and desire arises to misbehave .

Though the actor already has a wife and children , they live in one house .

But police ask for information from the parents of victims and other witnesses to complete the case file in later court proceedings .


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dealer Search Form Causes Fire Team Senen Market

The fire that swept Block III Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta , Friday ( 25/04/2014 ) has been discussed by the Indonesian Market Traders Association ( IKAPPI ) . The merchants who are members of the organization come to find out the cause of the fire .

" We already form an independent team of five people to seek facts together Tackling fire and police to the scene when the fire goes out , " said Abdullah Mansuri Chairman IKAPPI in Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .
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Abdullah said , in the socialization and deliberation , found no indication of the cause of the fire quickly spread . Independent teams will be looking for a starting point of the fire and when the fire chronology of events .

Abdullah claimed to find some indication unnatural . Starting from the issue of the planned revitalization of PD Pasar Jaya and the discovery of several fires up the length of the outage .

Indications search , he continued , ranging from pungent smell to the other little things that can be encountered when down to location . Later , the results of these investigations will be the recommended study materials to the Central Forensic Laboratory ( Forensic ) .

Abdullah explained , independent team is devoted for the sake of traders are surprised by the sudden occurrence . The merchant , Abdullah continued , looks hysterical when found organization .

Speaking of losses , Abdullah continued , interpreted penetrate more than Rp 100 billion . Therefore , in Block III Pasar Senen Jaya , there are more than 2,000 stalls .


Friday, April 25, 2014

Why Galaxy S5 Disposable Plastic , Not Metal ?

Galaxy S5 still using plastic materials as their predecessors. Samsung seems to have had its own reasons why it maintains an Android handset champion plastic material , instead of other materials such as metal , for example .

" Our main goal is reusability , friendlinesss , and design more humane . We want something that is more easily grasped and fun . If we use metal , heavy design and ' cool ' , " said Dong Hun Kim , Senior Product Designer Samsung .

Samsung claims consider all existing materials before eventually opted to stay with a plastic material that feels better . Compared to metal , plastic held their value tends to be warm , pleasant and gives a better impression in representing Samsung's design concept .
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 " We have seen all the designs and materials . We are open to any options, " added Kim , as quoted from Engadget on Friday ( 04/25/2014 ) .

Samsung also explained the concept of back to basic in the Galaxy S5 . Namely , Samsung to focus more on developing the features of certain features in the handset rather than jammed with less feel the benefits of technology .

" All the experience in the use of the GS 5 back to basics . In the past , we tend to give a lot of features to display , something you might only use once or twice a year . Yet in GS 5 , there is a focus on the core features such as a camera or a browser . We ensure that the features work better , " said Jeeyeun Wang , Principal User Experience Designer at Samsung .

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Batik 3 State Symbols harmony of District Transfers

In order to also enliven Kartini Day commemoration , the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel on Monday ( 21/4 ) called Catwalk Fashion Batik 3 piece designer Afif State Shakar . Special , haute fashion is not displayed by the model but by the women socialites consisting of women entrepreneurs , housewives .

3 State Batik is batik clothing that is processed from three different places namely Lasem , Pekalongan and Yogyakarta . Processing of three different places this raises a harmonious unity , because the third place has a special color that stands out . Batik Lasem using staining of noni more red highlights , Batik Pekalongan more prominent because of the color indigo dyeing using plant indigovera while Batik Jogjakarta more likely because brown staining using Soga . The third process is ultimately bring a colorful new design .
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Meanwhile, from the side of the motive , the process of making Batik 3 State starting with the traditional pattern making Lasem district purporting motof Lung Lungan ( vines ) in the red without frames. However, since no motive influence Pekalongan and Yogyakarta motof then combine to form new motifs that resemble batik Dutch and Chinese . The third motive diakulturasi a new motive to effect harmonization is very prominent.

Afif designer Shakar says , because processing is done in batik 3 different place then making Batik 3 state becomes longer . It was also an impact on the production process of the higher up the price of batik is also higher than other batik . However, due to the design of this very rare , batik demand is also quite high . " The biggest demand comes from West Java , Reason, batik motifs in West Java symbolize a higher social status than other batik . Fact, many batik worn by a group of people who have the intention to propose bride . " Said Afif .

Added Afif , the pebatik in East Java also developed a batik design 3 states mentioned with batik Tutung Coffee (coffee singed ) , whereas in Pekalongan batik 3 State known as Batik Semarang and Rifa'iyah highlighting Islamic motifs . With so many design 3 state, they were convinced that will impact on the development of batik in other areas . "I'm sure Batik 3 state will affect other areas . " Said Afif .


Garuda Clear Use Halim Airport?

PT Garuda Indonesia Airlines ( Persero ) Tbk possibility of transferring some of these canceled flight from Soekarno Hatta airport to Halim Airport .

" They reasoned inefficient if moved to Halim airport , and they were planning to give their flight slots were originally proposed to be filled by Citilink , " said Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transport ( Ministry of Transportation ) , Herry Bakti S. Gumay , Tuesday ( 22/4 / 2014 ) .

He said , it is still an oral discussion between the Ministry of Transportation with Garuda management , so there is no written letter from the state-owned company .

Garuda , call him , seems to want to do these related efficiencies are already running at this time and did not want to take the risk if the displacement .

Currently , the government is giving the opportunity for the airline to fill the slots available at the airport flight belonging to the Air Force gradually.

Because, until now there are only 16 slots are filled from Citilink owned a total of 74 slots . Thus , there is still a slot big enough for other airlines interested .

" Other airlines still possible to fill . AirAsia reportedly this April will fly there also has been no further discussion , " he said .

Herry hope , that most of the slots at Soekarno Hatta gradually be moved to Halim , so it could be a bit elaborate on airport congestion was located in Cengkareng .
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To increase interest in the airline , Herrera said , is Halim airport facilities will continue to be improved , one with navigation will also be repaired and vehicle parking is also slowly enlarged PT Angkasa Pura II, as the operator .


Tropical Cyclone Jack Inhibitory Search MH370

Had expected to support the mission of the ninth Malaysia Airlines MH370 search operation involving unmanned submarine Bluefin - 21 , the weather in the waters of the Indonesian Ocean worsen .

"The conditions are very bad weather and low visibility , " said a statement from the Joint Coordination Center Board , as quoted by the Malaysian Insider , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

The bad weather due to tropical cyclones Jack could result in searches ineffective and even potentially dangerous . Therefore , a search plane carrying 239 passengers and crew members laid off for a while .

Entering the ninth mission , the Bluefin - 21 yet to find any trace of the existence of MH370 . Until now , unmanned mini-submarines have traced two-thirds of the search area under water in the ocean waters of Indonesia, about 2,000 kilometers northwest of Perth .
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Search team Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight planning to move the location of the search of the Indonesian Ocean ( Indian Ocean ) to another place . This plan comes after the team worked for 45 days in the waters of the Indonesian Ocean , but found no trace of the missing aircraft since the March 8, 2014 .

As reported in the New Straits Times , a member of the international investigation team based in Kuala Lumpur said the search team was thinking to go back to the starting point of the search to find the following MH370 239 passengers . ( Read : Cost Search Complained Starting MH370 )

The team is considering a statement Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at a press conference in March that the possibility of the plane landed elsewhere . " But about the possibility of certain countries to hide the plane , when more than 20 countries together to look , did not seem to make sense , " said a member of the investigative team as reported by Malaysia Today , Monday, April 21, 2014 . ( Read : MH370 hijacked , this explanation journalists Afghanistan )

Australian Ambassador to the U.S. , Kim Beazley , said Australia would make a decision in the next few days about whether to change the location of the search or resume search in Ocean Indonesia MH370 . The problem is , they 've searched our 45 day Indonesian Ocean , but none of the signs of the plane was missing there .

Bluefin - 21 , an unmanned robot detection with the ability to dive to a depth of 4,500 meters , it is nine times on his mission looking for MH370 . Even the location of the expanded search . Since the Bluefin - 21 assigned to early April , two- thirds of the scheduled search location has been traced by the robot . But to no avail . ( Read : Able to Reach Area BluefinTak loss MH370 )

Australia will discuss the possibility of changing the location of the search with the countries involved in the search . " All this will be explained openly if not found anything in the next few days , " said Kim Beazley as reported by CNN .
Today, Monday, April 21, 2014 , search teams continue to search MH370 by deploying military aircraft and ten of eleven ships . ( Read : MH370 Aircraft Believed Still Intact in Seabed )


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jakarta Rain Causes 17 points and 6 Stagnant tree tumbles

Heavy rain and surrounding Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) . According to data from the operational center for Disaster Measures Agency (BPBD ) Jakarta , average rainfall - average reaches 56.1 mm / hour and strong winds with average speeds - average 12.5 meters / sec .

The rain caused a 17 point puddle with a height of 10 cm - 50 cm . Additionally , strong winds accompanying the rain caused fallen tree 6 . Inundation occurred in South Jakarta on Jalan Raya Jewel Jewel police station right next to the puddle height of 20-30 cm , then at Jalan Pondok Indah directions to Lebak Bulus with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm .

Inundation also occurred in front of the MPR with inundation height of 10 cm - 50 cm , then Jalan Asia Afrika Senayan with inundation height of 10 cm , Jalan Tebet right front SMP 115 with inundation height of 10-20 cm , Arterial Road , right next Pondok Indah Gandaria City with inundation height of 10 cm - 30 cm .

For in Central Jakarta , a puddle in front of Sarinah Thamrin Road with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Cempaka Putih Raya with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Hasyim Ashari with inundation height of 50 cm and Lt. Suprapto Road direction to Monday with a height of 30 cm water genaganan .

Meanwhile, East Jakarta , there is a puddle in the direction of Jalan Cempaka Mas Rawamangun with inundation height of 20 cm - 30 cm , Matraman Road towards Jalan Imam Bonjol with inundation height of 5 cm .

As for the area of ​​inundation occurred in West Jakarta Raya Sky View Road left lane with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Kebun Arjuna junction Kemanggisan Orange with inundation height of 20 cm - 40 cm , Jalan Kyai Tapa inundation height of 10 cm - 50 cm and Palm Street sustainable Cengkareng with inundation height of 20 cm - 40cm .

Strong winds cause tree tumbles fallen tree in front of the stop Citraland Grogol , West Jakarta , The Long Road , and Permata Hijau Kebun toward Orange .

Besides billboards also fell due to high winds at the intersection Puri Kembangan , West Jakarta . For South Jakarta , the incident occurred at a fallen tree right beside Jalan Sudirman flyover Rubber Sampoerna , South Jakarta tree tumbles .
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Moreover fallen trees also occurred in front of the Jakarta Stock Exchange ( JSX ) from the Blok M towards Clover .


Targeting retailers Malaysia Halal Products Indonesia

Halal products made in Indonesia apparently selling abroad, one of Malaysia. In Malaysia International Halal Showcase Exhibition (MIHAS) 2014 takes place 9-12 April 2014 and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Indonesia Halal products posted sales of 22.1 billion USD. (Read: In Malaysia, Halal Products Raup RI Rp 22.9 billion).
Furthermore, a Malaysian retail companies are now targeting Indonesian halal products to be placed in a special booth. According to the Director General of National Export Development Ministry of Trade, Nus Nuzulia Isaac, cosmetic products and even Moslem Indonesia ogled by Parkson, one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia.

"The product is compatible with the possibility of Parkson plans to develop specific market segments of consumer Muslims," ​​he said in a written statement on Saturday, April 19, 2014. (See also: Parkson Ready to Invest U.S. $ 15 Million in Indonesia).
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As is known, Parkson now has 132 stores in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. The department store has a pretty prestigious position in the retail world, because already collaborated with famous brands such as Polo, Burberry Kids, Lacoste, Timberland, Chanel, Christian Dior to Swarovski jewelry company. Stretched its market share in the consumer segment of the middle class to the upper class.

Nus said the achievement of Indonesia in 2014 showed MIHAS opportunities greater market penetration in Malaysia. In 2013, the market share of processed food products in Malaysia Indonesia reached 14.64 per cent of the export value of U.S. $ 421.79 million. (Read also: Indonesia Agribusiness Entrepreneur Brunei Keen).

Although its value rose 15.45 percent per year, the proportion of halal products has only 4.67 percent of Indonesia's total exports to Malaysia reached U.S. $ 9 billion. "There are still big enough to have the opportunity to be improved," said Nus.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Democrat-Golkar Rejects Vote on Hotel

Democrats and Golkar refused plenum counting results 9 April 2014 legislative elections held at the provincial level star hotels, such as the Bali General Elections Commission proposal .

" We do not agree calculation carried out at five-star hotel , the better the building Wiswa Sabha held at the Governor's office or at the office of the Commission Bali alone , " said Democratic Party Chairman of the Council of Bali , Made Mudarta , in Denpasar on Thursday .

According to him , the implementation of the counting of votes has been started from the lowest level , ranging from polling stations , at PPS ( village ) , district to plenary in KPUkabupaten / cities in Bali which is quite tiring .

Meanwhile , Election Commission tally in Bali live match data alone and also counting is done in turns ranging from 1 to Dapil Dapil Bali Bali 9 .

"In addition , the minimum permissible rules presented two witnesses , both witnesses to speak up when the plenary of the parties and witnesses . From this amount does not need to be developed further so as not to spend more on consumption and cost much more. Likewise with candidates DPD is not necessarily all of them will be present , " he said .

Similar delivered DPD Golkar Party Secretary Bali , Komang Purnama , who called the proposal a plenary at the hotel just going to spend the budget .

" We hope that the security issues and the impact on tourism in the Kuta area is also taken into consideration , let alone will bring 560 people . Congestion , parking location and not to mention protests from each witness who is ready to bring supporters of each party , " he hoped .
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Komang Purnama propose better plenary held in Denpasar , besides lie closer , also in case of disturbing things that can be anticipated by the security of the Bali Police , and does not interfere with tourism .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ship with 476 passengers sinks in the South

Dozens of ships and rescue helicopters are trying to save more than 470 people , including many high school students , who are stuck in a sinking ferry off the southern coast of South Korea , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , officials said . So far there have been no reports of casualties in the accident .

Ferry with 476 people on it , including 325 high school students , was sailing to the island of Jeju in the south of the country when it sent an emergency call on Wednesday morning due to start leaning to one side , said Department of Public Safety and Administration of South Korea (ROK ) .

Park Hye -rang , a local coast guard official , said by telephone that 147 passengers have been rescued so far , but he did not provide further details . The photos in the local media showed that the ship tilted to one side , partly submerged hull , while the number of helicopters flying over it and a number of rescue boats and a small boat was covered with an orange tarp nearby.

The students came from a high school in the city of Ansan , near Seoul . They were on their way to Jeju island for a four- day trip . The ship left the port of Incheon , in western Seoul , on Tuesday night .
(see also: kenari yorkshire jantan )

A total of 18 helicopters and 34 rescue boats have been sent to the area , said Lee Gyeong - og , a top official of South Korea , in a televised news conference . He said , President Park Geun - hye has ordered rescue operations to prevent casualties .


TNI Commander Not Predicting Reaction was Singapore hard as Problem Usman Harun

TNI Commander , General Moeldoko expressed regret over the use of the name Usman Harun as the name of one of the UK KRI purchased . Therefore , he did not suspect it can evoke memories for Singaporeans .

It was delivered by Moeldoko in a special interview with news station Channel News Asia , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 . Moeldoko asserted , the Indonesian military did not have bad intentions and attempt to make the citizens of Singapore recalled the events that occurred earlier in 1965 .

" Once again I am sorry , because what we think , not at all intended to rebuild the emotions of Singaporeans , " said Moeldoko .
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Any relations with both countries , further Moeldoko has continued to improve, as the two leaders often including her intensely communicate with the Chief Military Commander of Singapore . However, embedding the decision to name one Uthman Aaron KRI will not be changed . Therefore , the decision-making process has been carried out since last December 2012 .

Moeldoko also said he does not see any possibility of naming KRI will cause an emotional reaction from Singapore .

" Indonesia does not think that will be a polemic Aaron Usman like this , because from the beginning we did not want to evoke emotions in the past . 's No intention at all , " said Moeldoko .

However , further Moeldoko because this issue turns out to also be a Singapore citizen concern , then it is the duty of him to provide clarification so as not to aggravate the situation .

Because this issue is re-warmed after his March , two Navy soldiers dressed as Usman Harun attended the Jakarta administration Defense Dialogue in Jakarta Convention Centre . As a result , a team of delegates from Singapore withdrew and canceled attending the event .

Moeldoko admitted now attempting to restore military ties between the two countries . One of them by inviting Singapore to join in multilateral joint exercises which lasted Navy Komodo March 29 to April 3, 2014 in the Natuna and Anambas Batam .

In addition to the ASEAN member countries , joint exercises with the military was also followed by India , Japan , South Korea , New Zealand , United States , China , Russia and Australia .

" We also provide the opportunity for our partners from Singapore to join the other 17 countries in a joint exercise with dragons . For me , it was a positive step to re-establish its relationship , " said Moeldoko .

He also expressed his belief that military relations between the two countries will remain strong , based on mutual trust , honesty and respect .

" As long as both parties are able to maintain a sense of trust and no lies between us , then I believe the relationship between the two countries will work well . I believe in the future prospects will improve because we were part of the ASEAN community who have similar needs and interests , " Moeldoko said .

That , added Moeldoko which makes a strong relationship between the two countries increasingly easy to be fostered .

From these events , said Moeldoko can be used as a learning process to build stronger ties between the two neighboring countries . Moreover , over the years, their relationship has been closely intertwined for years .

Early February, Singapore had objected to the Indonesian intentions naming new ships purchased from the UK : KRI - Aaron Usman . Assess Singapore , Indonesia insensitive .

Usman and marines Aaron is ordered to infiltrate Singapore in 1965. At that time , Singapore was part of Malaysia and Indonesia amid confrontation with the neighbor country .

On March 10, 1965 , Usman and Aaron with one other person , Gani , successfully bombed building MacDonald House in Orchard Road . As a result of the incident , three people were killed and 33 others injured . ( eh )


Monday, April 14, 2014

JCI Uptrend Still Continuing Pattern

JAKARTA - Movement Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) is expected to move in the range of the level of support 4838 and resistance 4903 . The pace of JCI began to bounce back, after the post-election plunged the general legislature .

" JCI began retracing back to continue the uptrend pattern , " ? Research Department PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities , William Suryawijaya in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

He added that the success through the resistance level 4,838 is a pretty good starting point as the initial confirmation of the JCI rise further .
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According to William , the target next resistance is at 4,903 as the next confirmation point , at the same time the increase will accelerate the timeframe JCI if successfully penetrated the resistance level . " Support is currently at 4,838 as support levels , generally JCI began turning the zone into an uptrend , " he said .

Throughout trading , stock index touched a high of 4870.10 in the middle of the second session and touched its lowest level at the beginning of the first session of 4812.63 and ended at 4864.84 levels .

Trading volume and the total value of transactions rose . Foreign investors recorded net sell with the increase in the value of the transaction to buy and sell transactions . Domestic investors recorded a net buy .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's appropriate figure running mate companion Jokowi

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) revealed the concept of a running mate ( vice ) is a companion Joko Widodo or Jokowi presidential candidate in the 2014 election . Chairman of DPD PDIP West Java , TB Hasanuddin said the vice president should be able to cover the shortfall Jokowi .

" The basic concept is that first , the president of a human being he definitely has its advantages and disadvantages . Then supposed to be a vice presidential candidate must be able to synergize the strengths and weaknesses of our candidate , " said Hasanuddin in London as reported by Reuters on Sunday ( 13/4 ) .

The second concept , said Hasanuddin , a vice presidential candidate who will accompany Jokowi must have projected development over the next five years in the areas of social , political , economic and defense security .

" Projections him for the next five years to be clear . Then foreign affairs . So we need a partner that can synergy , capable of bringing the nation to prosperity and progress , " he said .

According to Hasanuddin , PDIP do not want to mention the word ' coalition ' in the 2014 Presidential Election will be held on June 9. " We want to see a presidential system so we call it is not a coalition but a collaboration to build the nation and the state , " he said .

So far, more Tubagus , the management ranks at the PDIP has done ' friendship ' to other political figures in order to ' cooperation ' Presidential Election 2014.
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" Approach with another character , like yesterday Mr. Jokowi 've met Mr. ARB and the results , Mr. ARB said it will still be a candidate. Then with Mr. Surya Paloh also , " he said .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Corsair Releases a New Keyboard Aluminum Body

Corsair announced the new aluminum keyboard . Carrying the model named Vengeance K70 keyboard also adorned with lights or red backlighting .

Reported Pcauthority , Thursday ( 10/04/2014 ) , Vengeance K70 will come with the color Red , Brown and Blue . This latest device key board is intended for gamers who want a dynamic keyboard display .

This device is also equipped with LED lighting , where lights can be arranged and lit only for a few main buttons that are often suppressed . The main button is one of the keys W , A , S and D as well as the number keys 1 to 6 .
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To model the Vengeance K70 , Corsair Cherry switches rely on technology . " We re- evaluate all the ' switch' key available in the market , including new cloning of Cherry MX . Nobody can match the consistent performance and reliability across the keyboard like Cherry MX German original , " said Jason Christian , Product Manager for Gaming Keyboards and Mice Corsair .

Corsair is known as a manufacturer of PC hardware . U.S. company sells a wide range of hardware products such as RAM , Power Supply , and USB flash drives .


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Videos of police officers angry when recorded, crowded on YouTube

Although it has been long enough or about 4 months ago , but the video shows the police officer who was recorded secretly sticking in social networking .

There is a video that shows two police officers who carry out their duties and lay off a car being filmed secretly by someone who was then still in the car .

Video recording duration of 45 seconds was then uploaded to YouTube and then appeared also in some Facebook accounts .

Surprisingly , it was not clear what was going on because the officers covered by the car , but many oblique comments written by Indonesian netizens of what is happening in the video.

In the video it is also seen that one of the police officers , suddenly realized that they were being recorded secretly and went to get angry at the person who was doing the recording .

The officer went to ask if there was a permit recording with somewhat angry tone . Outstanding questions as explanatory video is a true record of events in Indonesia must have a permit ?

Under the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions ( ITE Act ) No. 11 of 2008 Article 31, paragraph 2 , says that the action of secretly recording using technological devices such as hidden cameras , tape recorders or voice recording device also can be categorized in the illegal interception .

The threat of violation of Article 31 paragraph ( 2 ) of the EIT Law is imprisonment of 10 years or also with a maximum of Rp 800 million rupiah ( Article 47 UU ITE ) .

Not only that, in Section 26 EIT Law also stipulates that anyone who feels disadvantaged because secretly recorded or the like may file a civil lawsuit .
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Article 31 paragraph ( 2 ) UU ITE can be ' breached ' if it relates to law enforcement at the request of the police , prosecutor or other law enforcement agency as defined in Article 31 paragraph ( 3 ) of the Act ITE .

To find out what kind of video recording of both the police officer , the following is one and the same video uploaded on YouTube by many people


Monday, March 31, 2014

The man who wants to kill Obama jailed 25 Years

An Idaho man who had tried to assassinate President Barack Obama by firing several bullets into the White House gets 25 -year prison sentence on Monday ( 03/31/2014 ) . The man named Oscar Ortega - Hernandez ( 23 years ) appeared in federal court after pleading guilty in September on charges related to terrorism and weapons possession . He was initially charged with 17 criminal charges linked .
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The prosecutor demanded Ortega - Hernandez for shooting at the White House with a Romanian -made assault rifle from the window of his car on November 11 , 2011 night . After asking a number of bullets into the White House , he fled toward the bridge leading to the Virginia suburbs , but the vehicle had crashed and he fled on foot , officials said .

Authorities said Ortega - Hernandez's fingerprints are found on a box of ammunition left in a honda car made ​​in 1998, but none of the weapons , which are also left in the car .

President Obama and his family were not in the White House at the time of the incident .

" This guy is driving cross-country to launch an attack with an assault rifle at the White House on Constitution Avenue , " said U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen , who demanded the case. " He was motivated by hatred of the President and the desire to start a revolution against the federal government . "

" We are very fortunate that the bullet missed a number of U.S. Secret Service personnel who guard the White House that night . 's 25-year jail sentence suggests that anyone who came to the state capital with a plan for the use of force should spend decades behind bars , " Machen said .

Ortega - Hernandez was arrested at a Pennsylvania motel five days after the incident .

In court documents , prosecutors argue Ortega - Hernandez that dangerous and had planned crimes charged to him for several months .

According to the FBI , friends Ortega - Hernandez reported that he had made ​​anti - government statements since 2010 . Officials said the man was believed that the federal government is trying to control the American people via GPS , fluoride and aspartame . (see also: situs download film terbaru)

He was also angry at what he believed , namely that the U.S. intimidate other countries , including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq , and claimed that the President is an " anti - Christ " . Ortega - Hernandez himself told his friends that he was " on a mission from God to destroy Obama . "


Friday, March 14, 2014

There were 20 cases of illegal logging in Meru Betiri

A total of 20 cases of illegal logging going on in the area Betiri Meru National Park ( national park ) located in Jember and Banyuwangi , East Java , during the last five months ( January-May ) 2011.
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Chief Ranger ( Polhut ) TNMB , Musafa on Tuesday , said as many as 20 illegal logging cases , only four cases were processed by national park officials and police officers .

" A total of 16 cases of illegal logging and the only other officer finding no suspects. Officers only found a used timber that has been harvested and the number of logs at the edge of the forest , " he said at the national park office Jember.Ia explain cases of illegal logging are the highest in the region National Park Management Section ( SPTN ) region II Ambulu which covers 28 370 hectares ( ha ) .

" SPTN Region Region II includes the village Sanenrejo , Andongrejo , Wonoasri and Bandealit . Monitor the number of officers that the region is very limited , so that illegal logging still occurs in the area of ​​national park , " he said .

Musafa suggests that most types of wood felled by the actors normally Sapen wood types , yellow and rakes because the wood is easy to sell to the need for the home such as doors and windows .

In addition to illegal logging , he said , during the last five months of hunting of wild animals also occur as much as two cases , one case as many as forest encroachment , and forest disturbance in the conservation area four cases .

" The ability of workers polhut as many as 33 people to oversee the Meru conservation area covering an area of ​​58 thousand hectares Betiri unbalanced , but officials will narrow the space for illegal loggers , " he explains .

According to him , the amount of illegal logging in 2010 as many as 43 cases , in 2009 as many as 58 cases , and in 2008 as many as 65 cases , so there is a trend of illegal logging cases in the Meru region Betiri decreased . (see also: vitamin burung)

" Hopefully this year illegal logging cases decreased with the hard work done polhut officers supervise offenders in the illegal logging , " he said .


Friday, March 7, 2014

Also Know Lime and benefits contained

Lime is one that is widely used types of citrus fruit. The fruit has a characteristic rounded shape, the color green or yellow fruit, a diameter of about 3 to 6 cm, sour and slightly bitter, taste similar to lemon. The fruit is often used to acidify foods and can also be used to wash dishes or wash my hands because it smells fresh. The fruit has a center line in it and there is a tiny little seed-shaped and slightly flattened greenish white.
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Lime Fruit Habitat
Lemon tree is not too big around 5 to 8 meters and has thorns on the trunks of trees. It usually grows in low lying at an altitude of approximately less than 500 meters above sea level. This plant is found throughout Indonesia because it is easy to planting and also a lot of benefits that can be derived from this one plant. The leaves are also commonly used as a spice in the kitchen can add to the enjoyment of the food. This tree is very fond of the place that can be exposed to direct sunlight.

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Sapindales
Family: Rutaceae
Genus: Citrus
Species: C. aurantifolia
Binomial name
Citrus aurantifolia
(Christm.) Swingle

Lime Benefits for Body Health
In general, lime does not have the types with their own specifications. It's just that the orange is often equated with lemon, but basically lime and lemon fruit is different. Lime itself has a sour taste, cool and also chelates that are beneficial to health and can cure several kinds of diseases. The benefits of lime are:

Treating cough
Orange juice is also believed to treat coughs, how is taking lemon juice mixed with honey and a pinch of salt. Then drink 2 to 3 times a day until the cough is completely healed.

Overcome strep throat
Use 3 pieces of lemon juice that has taken water and mixed with honey and a pinch of salt, add warm water, then use water to rinse.

Some digestive problems occur due to irregular eating patterns can be helped by drinking warm water mixed with lime juice. (see also: pakan burung top song)

There are many more benefits to be gained from drinking lime juice, among others, to treat hemorrhoid, tonsils, Anyang-anyangan, Cough with influenza, body odor, kidney stones, Diphtheria, Fever, irregular menstruation, acne, and blood pressure high. There is no harm if you grow this plant in your yard.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Android on the Nokia X Not the Whole

Nokia has introduced its first Android smart phone named Nokia X , Monday ( 24/02/2014 ) . However , the Android system which uses a different and arguably " not intact " than Android are more outstanding .

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 For example , the system on the Nokia X does not provide access to Google's online application store Play Store and other services made ​​by Google . Well , instead of Google Play Store , Nokia provides the Nokia Store application store which will be the main gateway to download and install Android apps .

From observations KompasTekno when tested Nokia X , at the Nokia Store application store there have been several popular applications such as Facebook , Twitter , Vine , WeChat , Plants vs. Zombies , Fruit Ninja , Opera , popular local applications to a wide Save the Hamsters and Blastnote .

However , there are several popular applications that have not been officially present , including Path , Instagram , and WhatsApp .

If the user can not wait for the arrival of the official application , there is a shortcut to get it . That is , the search for applications and download applications from any source . Ensure that the application format . APK and comes from a reliable source .

Keep in mind , when users install apps that are not from the Nokia Store , the phone system will ask questions about sound is , " Are you sure to install this application ? " If the answer is " yes , " then you just continue the installation process the application .

Without Google's service
Another thing that distinguishes the system on Nokia X with Android phones in general is , there is no Google mobile services are available directly . Services are absent from the Nokia X such as Google Maps , Hangouts , or Google+ .

Users who want to use Google 's basic services are still able to use it to download applications from sources outside the Nokia Store . However , it could be an application that utilizes Google's service is not running as it should .

Nokia X actually provide direct application or service that made ​​Nokia and Microsoft , such as Skype and OneDrive . Removed all Google services , such as digital map application that replaced Google Maps with Nokia Here Maps.

Nokia X is designed with a 4-inch screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels . In it embedded dual-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz with 512MB of RAM , 4GB of internal memory which can be expanded with the addition of a MicroSD card .

The main camera is a 5MP sensor carries no LED flash , and there is no front camera . Phone that supports two SIM cards ( GSM and GSM ) , the use of battery capacity 1.500mAh .

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This device runs the Android operating system version 4.4 ( KitKat ) called Nokia as Android Open Source ( AOS ) Project . Nokia modify the look of the Nokia X with checkered shades like the Windows Phone interface .