Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TNI Commander Not Predicting Reaction was Singapore hard as Problem Usman Harun

TNI Commander , General Moeldoko expressed regret over the use of the name Usman Harun as the name of one of the UK KRI purchased . Therefore , he did not suspect it can evoke memories for Singaporeans .

It was delivered by Moeldoko in a special interview with news station Channel News Asia , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 . Moeldoko asserted , the Indonesian military did not have bad intentions and attempt to make the citizens of Singapore recalled the events that occurred earlier in 1965 .

" Once again I am sorry , because what we think , not at all intended to rebuild the emotions of Singaporeans , " said Moeldoko .
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Any relations with both countries , further Moeldoko has continued to improve, as the two leaders often including her intensely communicate with the Chief Military Commander of Singapore . However, embedding the decision to name one Uthman Aaron KRI will not be changed . Therefore , the decision-making process has been carried out since last December 2012 .

Moeldoko also said he does not see any possibility of naming KRI will cause an emotional reaction from Singapore .

" Indonesia does not think that will be a polemic Aaron Usman like this , because from the beginning we did not want to evoke emotions in the past . 's No intention at all , " said Moeldoko .

However , further Moeldoko because this issue turns out to also be a Singapore citizen concern , then it is the duty of him to provide clarification so as not to aggravate the situation .

Because this issue is re-warmed after his March , two Navy soldiers dressed as Usman Harun attended the Jakarta administration Defense Dialogue in Jakarta Convention Centre . As a result , a team of delegates from Singapore withdrew and canceled attending the event .

Moeldoko admitted now attempting to restore military ties between the two countries . One of them by inviting Singapore to join in multilateral joint exercises which lasted Navy Komodo March 29 to April 3, 2014 in the Natuna and Anambas Batam .

In addition to the ASEAN member countries , joint exercises with the military was also followed by India , Japan , South Korea , New Zealand , United States , China , Russia and Australia .

" We also provide the opportunity for our partners from Singapore to join the other 17 countries in a joint exercise with dragons . For me , it was a positive step to re-establish its relationship , " said Moeldoko .

He also expressed his belief that military relations between the two countries will remain strong , based on mutual trust , honesty and respect .

" As long as both parties are able to maintain a sense of trust and no lies between us , then I believe the relationship between the two countries will work well . I believe in the future prospects will improve because we were part of the ASEAN community who have similar needs and interests , " Moeldoko said .

That , added Moeldoko which makes a strong relationship between the two countries increasingly easy to be fostered .

From these events , said Moeldoko can be used as a learning process to build stronger ties between the two neighboring countries . Moreover , over the years, their relationship has been closely intertwined for years .

Early February, Singapore had objected to the Indonesian intentions naming new ships purchased from the UK : KRI - Aaron Usman . Assess Singapore , Indonesia insensitive .

Usman and marines Aaron is ordered to infiltrate Singapore in 1965. At that time , Singapore was part of Malaysia and Indonesia amid confrontation with the neighbor country .

On March 10, 1965 , Usman and Aaron with one other person , Gani , successfully bombed building MacDonald House in Orchard Road . As a result of the incident , three people were killed and 33 others injured . ( eh )


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