Saturday, April 19, 2014

Jakarta Rain Causes 17 points and 6 Stagnant tree tumbles

Heavy rain and surrounding Jakarta , Saturday ( 04/19/2014 ) . According to data from the operational center for Disaster Measures Agency (BPBD ) Jakarta , average rainfall - average reaches 56.1 mm / hour and strong winds with average speeds - average 12.5 meters / sec .

The rain caused a 17 point puddle with a height of 10 cm - 50 cm . Additionally , strong winds accompanying the rain caused fallen tree 6 . Inundation occurred in South Jakarta on Jalan Raya Jewel Jewel police station right next to the puddle height of 20-30 cm , then at Jalan Pondok Indah directions to Lebak Bulus with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm .

Inundation also occurred in front of the MPR with inundation height of 10 cm - 50 cm , then Jalan Asia Afrika Senayan with inundation height of 10 cm , Jalan Tebet right front SMP 115 with inundation height of 10-20 cm , Arterial Road , right next Pondok Indah Gandaria City with inundation height of 10 cm - 30 cm .

For in Central Jakarta , a puddle in front of Sarinah Thamrin Road with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Cempaka Putih Raya with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Hasyim Ashari with inundation height of 50 cm and Lt. Suprapto Road direction to Monday with a height of 30 cm water genaganan .

Meanwhile, East Jakarta , there is a puddle in the direction of Jalan Cempaka Mas Rawamangun with inundation height of 20 cm - 30 cm , Matraman Road towards Jalan Imam Bonjol with inundation height of 5 cm .

As for the area of ​​inundation occurred in West Jakarta Raya Sky View Road left lane with inundation height of 10 cm - 20 cm , Jalan Kebun Arjuna junction Kemanggisan Orange with inundation height of 20 cm - 40 cm , Jalan Kyai Tapa inundation height of 10 cm - 50 cm and Palm Street sustainable Cengkareng with inundation height of 20 cm - 40cm .

Strong winds cause tree tumbles fallen tree in front of the stop Citraland Grogol , West Jakarta , The Long Road , and Permata Hijau Kebun toward Orange .

Besides billboards also fell due to high winds at the intersection Puri Kembangan , West Jakarta . For South Jakarta , the incident occurred at a fallen tree right beside Jalan Sudirman flyover Rubber Sampoerna , South Jakarta tree tumbles .
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Moreover fallen trees also occurred in front of the Jakarta Stock Exchange ( JSX ) from the Blok M towards Clover .


Targeting retailers Malaysia Halal Products Indonesia

Halal products made in Indonesia apparently selling abroad, one of Malaysia. In Malaysia International Halal Showcase Exhibition (MIHAS) 2014 takes place 9-12 April 2014 and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Indonesia Halal products posted sales of 22.1 billion USD. (Read: In Malaysia, Halal Products Raup RI Rp 22.9 billion).
Furthermore, a Malaysian retail companies are now targeting Indonesian halal products to be placed in a special booth. According to the Director General of National Export Development Ministry of Trade, Nus Nuzulia Isaac, cosmetic products and even Moslem Indonesia ogled by Parkson, one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia.

"The product is compatible with the possibility of Parkson plans to develop specific market segments of consumer Muslims," ​​he said in a written statement on Saturday, April 19, 2014. (See also: Parkson Ready to Invest U.S. $ 15 Million in Indonesia).
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As is known, Parkson now has 132 stores in Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. The department store has a pretty prestigious position in the retail world, because already collaborated with famous brands such as Polo, Burberry Kids, Lacoste, Timberland, Chanel, Christian Dior to Swarovski jewelry company. Stretched its market share in the consumer segment of the middle class to the upper class.

Nus said the achievement of Indonesia in 2014 showed MIHAS opportunities greater market penetration in Malaysia. In 2013, the market share of processed food products in Malaysia Indonesia reached 14.64 per cent of the export value of U.S. $ 421.79 million. (Read also: Indonesia Agribusiness Entrepreneur Brunei Keen).

Although its value rose 15.45 percent per year, the proportion of halal products has only 4.67 percent of Indonesia's total exports to Malaysia reached U.S. $ 9 billion. "There are still big enough to have the opportunity to be improved," said Nus.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Democrat-Golkar Rejects Vote on Hotel

Democrats and Golkar refused plenum counting results 9 April 2014 legislative elections held at the provincial level star hotels, such as the Bali General Elections Commission proposal .

" We do not agree calculation carried out at five-star hotel , the better the building Wiswa Sabha held at the Governor's office or at the office of the Commission Bali alone , " said Democratic Party Chairman of the Council of Bali , Made Mudarta , in Denpasar on Thursday .

According to him , the implementation of the counting of votes has been started from the lowest level , ranging from polling stations , at PPS ( village ) , district to plenary in KPUkabupaten / cities in Bali which is quite tiring .

Meanwhile , Election Commission tally in Bali live match data alone and also counting is done in turns ranging from 1 to Dapil Dapil Bali Bali 9 .

"In addition , the minimum permissible rules presented two witnesses , both witnesses to speak up when the plenary of the parties and witnesses . From this amount does not need to be developed further so as not to spend more on consumption and cost much more. Likewise with candidates DPD is not necessarily all of them will be present , " he said .

Similar delivered DPD Golkar Party Secretary Bali , Komang Purnama , who called the proposal a plenary at the hotel just going to spend the budget .

" We hope that the security issues and the impact on tourism in the Kuta area is also taken into consideration , let alone will bring 560 people . Congestion , parking location and not to mention protests from each witness who is ready to bring supporters of each party , " he hoped .
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Komang Purnama propose better plenary held in Denpasar , besides lie closer , also in case of disturbing things that can be anticipated by the security of the Bali Police , and does not interfere with tourism .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ship with 476 passengers sinks in the South

Dozens of ships and rescue helicopters are trying to save more than 470 people , including many high school students , who are stuck in a sinking ferry off the southern coast of South Korea , Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) , officials said . So far there have been no reports of casualties in the accident .

Ferry with 476 people on it , including 325 high school students , was sailing to the island of Jeju in the south of the country when it sent an emergency call on Wednesday morning due to start leaning to one side , said Department of Public Safety and Administration of South Korea (ROK ) .

Park Hye -rang , a local coast guard official , said by telephone that 147 passengers have been rescued so far , but he did not provide further details . The photos in the local media showed that the ship tilted to one side , partly submerged hull , while the number of helicopters flying over it and a number of rescue boats and a small boat was covered with an orange tarp nearby.

The students came from a high school in the city of Ansan , near Seoul . They were on their way to Jeju island for a four- day trip . The ship left the port of Incheon , in western Seoul , on Tuesday night .
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A total of 18 helicopters and 34 rescue boats have been sent to the area , said Lee Gyeong - og , a top official of South Korea , in a televised news conference . He said , President Park Geun - hye has ordered rescue operations to prevent casualties .


TNI Commander Not Predicting Reaction was Singapore hard as Problem Usman Harun

TNI Commander , General Moeldoko expressed regret over the use of the name Usman Harun as the name of one of the UK KRI purchased . Therefore , he did not suspect it can evoke memories for Singaporeans .

It was delivered by Moeldoko in a special interview with news station Channel News Asia , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 . Moeldoko asserted , the Indonesian military did not have bad intentions and attempt to make the citizens of Singapore recalled the events that occurred earlier in 1965 .

" Once again I am sorry , because what we think , not at all intended to rebuild the emotions of Singaporeans , " said Moeldoko .
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Any relations with both countries , further Moeldoko has continued to improve, as the two leaders often including her intensely communicate with the Chief Military Commander of Singapore . However, embedding the decision to name one Uthman Aaron KRI will not be changed . Therefore , the decision-making process has been carried out since last December 2012 .

Moeldoko also said he does not see any possibility of naming KRI will cause an emotional reaction from Singapore .

" Indonesia does not think that will be a polemic Aaron Usman like this , because from the beginning we did not want to evoke emotions in the past . 's No intention at all , " said Moeldoko .

However , further Moeldoko because this issue turns out to also be a Singapore citizen concern , then it is the duty of him to provide clarification so as not to aggravate the situation .

Because this issue is re-warmed after his March , two Navy soldiers dressed as Usman Harun attended the Jakarta administration Defense Dialogue in Jakarta Convention Centre . As a result , a team of delegates from Singapore withdrew and canceled attending the event .

Moeldoko admitted now attempting to restore military ties between the two countries . One of them by inviting Singapore to join in multilateral joint exercises which lasted Navy Komodo March 29 to April 3, 2014 in the Natuna and Anambas Batam .

In addition to the ASEAN member countries , joint exercises with the military was also followed by India , Japan , South Korea , New Zealand , United States , China , Russia and Australia .

" We also provide the opportunity for our partners from Singapore to join the other 17 countries in a joint exercise with dragons . For me , it was a positive step to re-establish its relationship , " said Moeldoko .

He also expressed his belief that military relations between the two countries will remain strong , based on mutual trust , honesty and respect .

" As long as both parties are able to maintain a sense of trust and no lies between us , then I believe the relationship between the two countries will work well . I believe in the future prospects will improve because we were part of the ASEAN community who have similar needs and interests , " Moeldoko said .

That , added Moeldoko which makes a strong relationship between the two countries increasingly easy to be fostered .

From these events , said Moeldoko can be used as a learning process to build stronger ties between the two neighboring countries . Moreover , over the years, their relationship has been closely intertwined for years .

Early February, Singapore had objected to the Indonesian intentions naming new ships purchased from the UK : KRI - Aaron Usman . Assess Singapore , Indonesia insensitive .

Usman and marines Aaron is ordered to infiltrate Singapore in 1965. At that time , Singapore was part of Malaysia and Indonesia amid confrontation with the neighbor country .

On March 10, 1965 , Usman and Aaron with one other person , Gani , successfully bombed building MacDonald House in Orchard Road . As a result of the incident , three people were killed and 33 others injured . ( eh )


Monday, April 14, 2014

JCI Uptrend Still Continuing Pattern

JAKARTA - Movement Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) is expected to move in the range of the level of support 4838 and resistance 4903 . The pace of JCI began to bounce back, after the post-election plunged the general legislature .

" JCI began retracing back to continue the uptrend pattern , " ? Research Department PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities , William Suryawijaya in Jakarta , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .

He added that the success through the resistance level 4,838 is a pretty good starting point as the initial confirmation of the JCI rise further .
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According to William , the target next resistance is at 4,903 as the next confirmation point , at the same time the increase will accelerate the timeframe JCI if successfully penetrated the resistance level . " Support is currently at 4,838 as support levels , generally JCI began turning the zone into an uptrend , " he said .

Throughout trading , stock index touched a high of 4870.10 in the middle of the second session and touched its lowest level at the beginning of the first session of 4812.63 and ended at 4864.84 levels .

Trading volume and the total value of transactions rose . Foreign investors recorded net sell with the increase in the value of the transaction to buy and sell transactions . Domestic investors recorded a net buy .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's appropriate figure running mate companion Jokowi

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI-P ) revealed the concept of a running mate ( vice ) is a companion Joko Widodo or Jokowi presidential candidate in the 2014 election . Chairman of DPD PDIP West Java , TB Hasanuddin said the vice president should be able to cover the shortfall Jokowi .

" The basic concept is that first , the president of a human being he definitely has its advantages and disadvantages . Then supposed to be a vice presidential candidate must be able to synergize the strengths and weaknesses of our candidate , " said Hasanuddin in London as reported by Reuters on Sunday ( 13/4 ) .

The second concept , said Hasanuddin , a vice presidential candidate who will accompany Jokowi must have projected development over the next five years in the areas of social , political , economic and defense security .

" Projections him for the next five years to be clear . Then foreign affairs . So we need a partner that can synergy , capable of bringing the nation to prosperity and progress , " he said .

According to Hasanuddin , PDIP do not want to mention the word ' coalition ' in the 2014 Presidential Election will be held on June 9. " We want to see a presidential system so we call it is not a coalition but a collaboration to build the nation and the state , " he said .

So far, more Tubagus , the management ranks at the PDIP has done ' friendship ' to other political figures in order to ' cooperation ' Presidential Election 2014.
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" Approach with another character , like yesterday Mr. Jokowi 've met Mr. ARB and the results , Mr. ARB said it will still be a candidate. Then with Mr. Surya Paloh also , " he said .