Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Team Success Jokowi-JK in East Java Sound Shutter 65 Percent

Joko Widodo successful winning team -Kalla targets to dominate 65 percent of the vote in East Java on July 9 presidential election later .

The target was considered realistic given the voters of East Java are two pockets Jokowi - JK bearer party , the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) and the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) .

" East Java with a turnout of about 30 million , it is the warehouse that in fact people nahdiyin PKB voters , and citizens Marhaen , PDI - P . Did not include voters Nasdem , Hanura , and PKPI , " said Chairman Jokowi - Winning Campaign Team JK Province East Java , Kusnadi , after holding consolidation , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) afternoon .
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The dominance of the vote Jokowi - JK , says PDI - P secretary of East Java is predicted uneven . Such as PDI - P may be a lot of noise in the area collect Mataraman , CLA of the horseshoe region , and Madura , while Nasdem Party of Probolinggo .

It claimed to be " all out " mobilize the potential power of each party and volunteer to win Jokowi - JK .

" The East Java baromater Jokowi - JK victory at the national level , and his voice will certainly contribute significantly help win , " he added .

Pair -vice presidential candidate , Jokowi - JK in the presidential election this year supported a coalition of four parties , the PDI - P , PKB , Nasdem Party , Hanura , and the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) .

Jokowi- JK will compete for the most votes with Prabowo pair - Hatta Rajasa promoted Gerindra coalition , the National Mandate Party , the Prosperous Justice Party , Star Party , the Golkar Party and the United Development Party .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Suryadharma case, INTRAC Find Suspicious Transaction Billions of Rupiah

Center for Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (INTRAC ) finds a suspicious transaction data associated with the Minister of Religious Affairs Suryadharma Ali . The value of financial transactions and billions of dollars have been handed over to the KPK .

"Lastly , INTRAC submit LHA ( analysis report ) to the Commission two weeks ago , " said Deputy Chief Agus Santoso INTRAC via the short message on Sunday ( 05/25/2014 ) .

According to Agus , many LHA INTRAC submitted relating to the conduct of the pilgrimage . Some LHA , he continued , was based on the results of the examination of the management of funds pilgrimage INTRAC 2004 to 2012.
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Of the audit , INTRAC find suspicious transactions amounting to Rp 230 billion, which is not apparent use. During that period , the funds managed hajj reached Rp 80 trillion in exchange for proceeds of about Rp 2.3 trillion per year .

" And some of deepening LHA obtained INTRAC suspicious transactions , which allegedly related to irregularities haj fund management / organization of Hajj , " said Agus .

Associated with the implementation of Hajj 2012/2013 , the Commission set Suryadharma as a suspect . Chairman of the United Development Party 's alleged misuse of authority or unlawful act which resulted in losses to the state .

Mode of abuse of power and enrich themselves , others , or corporation who allegedly committed Suryadharma . Among others , by utilizing the initial deposit of funds to pay for Hajj by public officials of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and his family pilgrimage . Among the families who participated diongkosi is the wife of officials of the Ministry of Religion .

LHA found INTRAC also shows that Suryadharma invite 33 people leaving for Hajj . KPK also suspect there are price bubbles associated with catering , lodging , and transportation of pilgrims .

Suryadharma addition , the Commission suspected there was involvement of other parties in the cases of alleged corruption organization of the Hajj . Allegedly , there are members of the Council who play in the catering business associated with the Hajj . Alleged members of the Board games are also associated with foreign exchange business .

There are allegations of secrecy in the mechanism of foreign exchange ( forex ) administration Hajj . Always done in currency exchange changers that 's it , while not explained what the parameters in choosing a currency exchange place .

INTRAC also has submitted a suspicious transaction data related to members of Parliament to the Commission to be explored further .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Starting June 1, PT KAI Enforce New Schedule

For those of you who have already bought a train ticket for the exodus or using railway transportation from next month, consider carefully the scheduled departure of the train you want riding.

Therefore, starting on June 1, 2014, the scheduled departure and arrival whole long distance trains will be changed and not in accordance with the schedule indicated on your ticket.

For those who have already bought tickets and will arrive late, PT KAI sure will not tolerate and your ticket will be declared forfeited.
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Today, PT KAI began to disseminate changes to scheduled departure and arrival of trains, at the City Railway Station Jombang, East Java.

Officers distributed fliers containing the new schedule departure of the entire long-distance trains, from East Java Jakarta-Bandung purposes or otherwise. This new schedule will take effect from June 2014.

PT KAI admitted to accidentally change the entire schedule of long-distance train departure, because they want to provide better service to passengers, so that those who want to go to Jakarta or Bandung could come sooner.

The implementation of this new schedule also applies to the tens of thousands who have already purchased tickets for the previous passenger. For that, PT KAI appealed to people who had already bought tickets for departures starting on June 1, 2014, soon find the latest information about the train departure schedule.

Because the new schedule could be a later train that you are riding had left a few hours earlier than the time listed on your ticket.

When will you arrive late and miss the train, PT KAI sure will not tolerate the use of other train and transport your ticket will be declared forfeited ..

Train schedule to be changed keberangkatanya, which are Bangunkarta Railway Jakarta goals originally set off at 16:00 pm from Jombang Station, will advance the schedule be at 15:20 pm departure.

Railway Gajayana destination Malang-Jakarta before departing at 15:00 pm, will be promoted to depart at 13:40 pm. Furthermore Railway Milky destination Surabaya-Jakarta before leaving at 5:00 p.m. to 18:00 pm from Surabaya will be brought forward to 16:35 pm. Likewise with other trains.

In addition to provide better services to the passengers, the other reason for the schedule change also meant that the arrival of long-distance rail traffic does not interfere with KRL in Jakarta.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Market Traders Bogor slams PD Pasar Jaya Pakuan

More than 100 men and women who are the market sellers are still demonstrating in Bogor Bogor City Hall , Jalan Juanda , Bogor , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .
They loudly protested and criticized the Regional Enterprise Market Pakuan Jaya seal Market stalls in Bogor . Reason sealing , the right to use the kiosk by the merchant has run out . However , traders have the right to use evidence that is valid until 2017.

Traders PD condemned the sealing RPM stall at midnight . Due sealed , traders can not move and losers . If open stalls , traders threatened criminalized . " We feel our rights are violated , " said Iskandar , one of the traders .
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Moreover , traders also chanted the alleged corruption in the management of PD Market Bogor by RPM . For example , there is no transparency about the price of a new kiosk . Ongoing revitalization project is not optimal or patchy impressed .

Director of PD RPM Yusuf Ali could not be reached for confirmation .

Traders still survive in Bogor City Hall waiting for Bogor Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto . Milky promised to meet traders after attending the event .

However , the latest information call , traders are required to come to the PD 's office in Jalan Padjadjaran RPM to meet the Bogor secretary Ade Syarif Hidayat City to discuss negotiations .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eight People Arrested Turkey Mine Disaster Related

Eight people have been arrested in Turkey as part of an investigation into last week's mine disaster that killed 301 workers at Soma Small Town in Western Turkey .

An arrest warrant has also been issued to the owner of the company Alp Gurkan , reported Radio Television Turkey ( TRT ) on Tuesday .

Coal Mine Company CEO Soma Can Gurkan , son of the owner of the company Alp Gurkan , and General Manager of Ramazan Dogru were among those who were arrested on charges while " lead to many deaths " in the accident.
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A total of 26 people were detained and questioned , said Chief Public Prosecutor Bekir Soma Courthouse Sahiner told reporters on Tuesday .

Initial reports about the possible cause of the accident has shown a fire in the mine may have been triggered by heating coal after contact with air , said Sahiner , Xinhua reported Tuesday night .

The disaster was the deadliest mining accident in the history of Turkey since the explosion in Zonguldak Province in the Black Sea region in 1992 , killing 263 miners .


Monday, May 19, 2014

Food Industry "Must be Regulated as Cigarettes"

A number of international agencies called on the food industry regulated as tobacco industry because obesity has global health risk greater than the risk posed cigarettes .

Consumers International and the World Federation of Obesity says global deaths due to obesity increased from 2.6 million people in 2005 to 3.4 million in 2010 .

They advised governments around the world to apply strict rules to regulate food and beverage industry , the BBC reported , Pippa Stephens .

These rules include restrictions on salt content , saturated fat , and sugar in food ; improving the quality of food in hospitals and schools ; tightening of the rules of marketing ; and education about healthy food .
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However , the Global Food and Drink Federation said the industry they already support the rules .

Tightened control

A number of recommendations were proposed by two international organizations include the elimination of artificial trans fat content of all food and beverage products within five years .

Advertising aimed at children in television programs should also be restricted .

While the packaging of food products must display the image obesity effect , similar to the concept applied to packs of cigarettes . The Government may review the price of food , including tax and change the permissions control and start new research , said the report .

Luke Upchurch from Consumers International said they asked the government to respond to these issues " in the same level of risk " to the tobacco industry . " We want to avoid a situation like the 1960s . At that time , the tobacco industry said there was nothing wrong with cigarettes and good for our health , but 30 or 40 years later, millions of people died .

" If we do not take action now , we will have the same problem in the food industry . "


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Basuki: Many traders "moral hazard" in Senen Market

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja suspect many outside traders who trade in roadside Pasar Senen . It causes traffic jam snaking in Senen .

" We find merchants who are not victims participate in roadside selling well . Traders beyond moral hazard , " said Basuki at the City Hall , Tuesday ( 13/05/2014 ) .

Currently , he added , PD Pasar Jaya with the Central Jakarta City Government is conducting data collection vendors . Through the data collection , which will be known only genuine traders and merchants outside Pasar Senen .
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However, Basuki said he did not instruct his men would be rash to curb roadside traders in Pasar Senen . Therefore , if the Government cracking down , this can be blamed for human rights abuses .

Therefore , control of Senen market traders will be done after all the vendors entering shelters . According to the plan , there are three shelters for traders Senen Market Block III while awaiting revitalization is complete . All three are in Block V , the front page of the market , and a market garden beside Block III .

If the trader has entered the shelter , the provincial government will determine the moral hazard merchants . Therefore , they will not be accommodated and still selling at the roadside .

" They mostly come from outside Jakarta . Fact , Jakarta is difficult , if we act decisively , say rude . Fact , our duty to administer social justice , what we mean is oppressing you ? Justice was holding a weapon and scales , " said Basuki .


Friday, May 2, 2014

Prepare Purbalingga regency Rehearsals Post

The entire range of government agencies on education and Purbalingga prepare for the worst possible of the activities of Mount Slamet.

'' We have been coordinating the entire range in the region on education and Purbalingga for the alert.

Including doing inventory of logistics, infrastructure and disaster affected population data,'' said Secretary Purbalingga, Imam Subijakto, after the disaster coordination meeting in Purbalingga 0702 District Military Command Headquarters, Friday (2/5).
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To anticipate the worst, the entire region is likely to be affected by the eruption of Mount Slamet it will do the rehearsal post at the district level.

This is necessary because the new disaster relief exercise held in the District Karangreja post which indeed is the area closest to the peak of Mount Slamet.

'' The plan on Tuesday (7/5) tomorrow there will be a rehearsal post again. Especially for post Kutasari districts and other districts further,'' he said.


Education Day , Hundreds of Students in Bengkulu Expelled from School

National Education Day Bengkulu City , Friday, May 2, 2014 , colored by the expulsion of the student . This event occurs when 493 students of SDN 62 Bengkulu want to study at their school .

Known , the expulsion of the land because of their school , which stood on the land area of ​​5,638 square meters , is still disputed . Landowners , Atiyah , sealing the school land covered with corrugated iron fence around the school . As a result , hundreds of students and their 26 teachers were forced to learn to teach in the terrace house owned by local residents .

According Fisahri , one of the heirs of the land of SDN 62 , the sealing was done because they were already upset by obscurity status of compensation for land he owned since 34 years ago by the government of the city of Bengkulu .
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He said , in the ground state certified 990/IV/Sisa numbers . Letter Size number 191 dated May 1, 1980 , it only wants to ask the land compensation of Rp 1 million per square meter or Rp 5.6 billion .

"It's been our since we leave on , but there was no follow-up as well . Therefore we decided school is fenced with zinc . In February, there was an agreement for compensation , but to this day there is still no clarity as well , " said Fisahri .

From the observation headline , after the school fencing , automatic learning activities and schooling disrupted . Hardiknas memorial service was forced to do in the patio citizens without a flagpole . While teaching and learning activities were also transferred to the terrace houses .

Head SDN Bengkulu City Point Sunarsih 62 , said he was disappointed with the expulsion of the student . However, he can not do much , because the land does not belong to the City Government of Bengkulu , and has long been in dispute .

" If it was disappointed for sure , but how else . 's Land is theirs , and is in the process of settlement of compensation . , But it ideally , that's another resolution process , do not sacrifice our students who want to study , " said Point .

There Is No Solution

Separately , Head of Education and National Culture Gianto Bengkulu City , said he could not do much about the expulsion of elementary school students . But he promised , in the near future will further coordinate with the City Government regarding the settlement of Bengkulu .

" No authority in Bengkulu city government . We will do everything possible to find a solution , " said Gianto .

Alternative building related learning , Gianto admitted until now still continue to be pursued . Because the entire building another school as an alternative is not available , due entirely unused .

" We will find the alternative , if today is forced to learn in the first terrace . Problem is that the building is no longer vacant . Hopefully there will be an alternative later , " he said .