Friday, May 2, 2014

Prepare Purbalingga regency Rehearsals Post

The entire range of government agencies on education and Purbalingga prepare for the worst possible of the activities of Mount Slamet.

'' We have been coordinating the entire range in the region on education and Purbalingga for the alert.

Including doing inventory of logistics, infrastructure and disaster affected population data,'' said Secretary Purbalingga, Imam Subijakto, after the disaster coordination meeting in Purbalingga 0702 District Military Command Headquarters, Friday (2/5).
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To anticipate the worst, the entire region is likely to be affected by the eruption of Mount Slamet it will do the rehearsal post at the district level.

This is necessary because the new disaster relief exercise held in the District Karangreja post which indeed is the area closest to the peak of Mount Slamet.

'' The plan on Tuesday (7/5) tomorrow there will be a rehearsal post again. Especially for post Kutasari districts and other districts further,'' he said.


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