Friday, May 2, 2014

Education Day , Hundreds of Students in Bengkulu Expelled from School

National Education Day Bengkulu City , Friday, May 2, 2014 , colored by the expulsion of the student . This event occurs when 493 students of SDN 62 Bengkulu want to study at their school .

Known , the expulsion of the land because of their school , which stood on the land area of ​​5,638 square meters , is still disputed . Landowners , Atiyah , sealing the school land covered with corrugated iron fence around the school . As a result , hundreds of students and their 26 teachers were forced to learn to teach in the terrace house owned by local residents .

According Fisahri , one of the heirs of the land of SDN 62 , the sealing was done because they were already upset by obscurity status of compensation for land he owned since 34 years ago by the government of the city of Bengkulu .
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He said , in the ground state certified 990/IV/Sisa numbers . Letter Size number 191 dated May 1, 1980 , it only wants to ask the land compensation of Rp 1 million per square meter or Rp 5.6 billion .

"It's been our since we leave on , but there was no follow-up as well . Therefore we decided school is fenced with zinc . In February, there was an agreement for compensation , but to this day there is still no clarity as well , " said Fisahri .

From the observation headline , after the school fencing , automatic learning activities and schooling disrupted . Hardiknas memorial service was forced to do in the patio citizens without a flagpole . While teaching and learning activities were also transferred to the terrace houses .

Head SDN Bengkulu City Point Sunarsih 62 , said he was disappointed with the expulsion of the student . However, he can not do much , because the land does not belong to the City Government of Bengkulu , and has long been in dispute .

" If it was disappointed for sure , but how else . 's Land is theirs , and is in the process of settlement of compensation . , But it ideally , that's another resolution process , do not sacrifice our students who want to study , " said Point .

There Is No Solution

Separately , Head of Education and National Culture Gianto Bengkulu City , said he could not do much about the expulsion of elementary school students . But he promised , in the near future will further coordinate with the City Government regarding the settlement of Bengkulu .

" No authority in Bengkulu city government . We will do everything possible to find a solution , " said Gianto .

Alternative building related learning , Gianto admitted until now still continue to be pursued . Because the entire building another school as an alternative is not available , due entirely unused .

" We will find the alternative , if today is forced to learn in the first terrace . Problem is that the building is no longer vacant . Hopefully there will be an alternative later , " he said .


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