Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Batik 3 State Symbols harmony of District Transfers

In order to also enliven Kartini Day commemoration , the Royal Ambarukmo Hotel on Monday ( 21/4 ) called Catwalk Fashion Batik 3 piece designer Afif State Shakar . Special , haute fashion is not displayed by the model but by the women socialites consisting of women entrepreneurs , housewives .

3 State Batik is batik clothing that is processed from three different places namely Lasem , Pekalongan and Yogyakarta . Processing of three different places this raises a harmonious unity , because the third place has a special color that stands out . Batik Lasem using staining of noni more red highlights , Batik Pekalongan more prominent because of the color indigo dyeing using plant indigovera while Batik Jogjakarta more likely because brown staining using Soga . The third process is ultimately bring a colorful new design .
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Meanwhile, from the side of the motive , the process of making Batik 3 State starting with the traditional pattern making Lasem district purporting motof Lung Lungan ( vines ) in the red without frames. However, since no motive influence Pekalongan and Yogyakarta motof then combine to form new motifs that resemble batik Dutch and Chinese . The third motive diakulturasi a new motive to effect harmonization is very prominent.

Afif designer Shakar says , because processing is done in batik 3 different place then making Batik 3 state becomes longer . It was also an impact on the production process of the higher up the price of batik is also higher than other batik . However, due to the design of this very rare , batik demand is also quite high . " The biggest demand comes from West Java , Reason, batik motifs in West Java symbolize a higher social status than other batik . Fact, many batik worn by a group of people who have the intention to propose bride . " Said Afif .

Added Afif , the pebatik in East Java also developed a batik design 3 states mentioned with batik Tutung Coffee (coffee singed ) , whereas in Pekalongan batik 3 State known as Batik Semarang and Rifa'iyah highlighting Islamic motifs . With so many design 3 state, they were convinced that will impact on the development of batik in other areas . "I'm sure Batik 3 state will affect other areas . " Said Afif .


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