Friday, April 25, 2014

Why Galaxy S5 Disposable Plastic , Not Metal ?

Galaxy S5 still using plastic materials as their predecessors. Samsung seems to have had its own reasons why it maintains an Android handset champion plastic material , instead of other materials such as metal , for example .

" Our main goal is reusability , friendlinesss , and design more humane . We want something that is more easily grasped and fun . If we use metal , heavy design and ' cool ' , " said Dong Hun Kim , Senior Product Designer Samsung .

Samsung claims consider all existing materials before eventually opted to stay with a plastic material that feels better . Compared to metal , plastic held their value tends to be warm , pleasant and gives a better impression in representing Samsung's design concept .
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 " We have seen all the designs and materials . We are open to any options, " added Kim , as quoted from Engadget on Friday ( 04/25/2014 ) .

Samsung also explained the concept of back to basic in the Galaxy S5 . Namely , Samsung to focus more on developing the features of certain features in the handset rather than jammed with less feel the benefits of technology .

" All the experience in the use of the GS 5 back to basics . In the past , we tend to give a lot of features to display , something you might only use once or twice a year . Yet in GS 5 , there is a focus on the core features such as a camera or a browser . We ensure that the features work better , " said Jeeyeun Wang , Principal User Experience Designer at Samsung .

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