Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Performers dipper Police Sexual Assault Primary School Students

Police resort Siak , Riau , scooped perpetrators of sexual abuse of an elementary school student in the district Paddle .

" We have arrested the perpetrator over the victim's parents report , " said police chief Dedi Siak Rahman Dayan in Pekanbaru on Tuesday .
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He said officials moved quickly after receiving reports the victim's parents , and then ask for information a number of parties .

The main perpetrators of sexual abuse victims that it is the teacher every day teaching at a primary school in District Rowing, Siak .

Parents of victims L ( 40 ) reported to officers on Saturday ( 26/4 ) that her son had been sexually abused by a teacher NRV .

Of the report, then call the police perpetrators , and finally confessed after being asked an explanation from the investigator .

" After review, the direct perpetrator can be charged under Article arrested for child abuse with the threat of five years in prison , " he said .

In recognition of the perpetrator to the officer that used to watch pornographic videos and desire arises to misbehave .

Though the actor already has a wife and children , they live in one house .

But police ask for information from the parents of victims and other witnesses to complete the case file in later court proceedings .


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