Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Videos of police officers angry when recorded, crowded on YouTube

Although it has been long enough or about 4 months ago , but the video shows the police officer who was recorded secretly sticking in social networking .

There is a video that shows two police officers who carry out their duties and lay off a car being filmed secretly by someone who was then still in the car .

Video recording duration of 45 seconds was then uploaded to YouTube and then appeared also in some Facebook accounts .

Surprisingly , it was not clear what was going on because the officers covered by the car , but many oblique comments written by Indonesian netizens of what is happening in the video.

In the video it is also seen that one of the police officers , suddenly realized that they were being recorded secretly and went to get angry at the person who was doing the recording .

The officer went to ask if there was a permit recording with somewhat angry tone . Outstanding questions as explanatory video is a true record of events in Indonesia must have a permit ?

Under the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions ( ITE Act ) No. 11 of 2008 Article 31, paragraph 2 , says that the action of secretly recording using technological devices such as hidden cameras , tape recorders or voice recording device also can be categorized in the illegal interception .

The threat of violation of Article 31 paragraph ( 2 ) of the EIT Law is imprisonment of 10 years or also with a maximum of Rp 800 million rupiah ( Article 47 UU ITE ) .

Not only that, in Section 26 EIT Law also stipulates that anyone who feels disadvantaged because secretly recorded or the like may file a civil lawsuit .
(see also: lomba burung kenari)

Article 31 paragraph ( 2 ) UU ITE can be ' breached ' if it relates to law enforcement at the request of the police , prosecutor or other law enforcement agency as defined in Article 31 paragraph ( 3 ) of the Act ITE .

To find out what kind of video recording of both the police officer , the following is one and the same video uploaded on YouTube by many people


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