Monday, March 31, 2014

The man who wants to kill Obama jailed 25 Years

An Idaho man who had tried to assassinate President Barack Obama by firing several bullets into the White House gets 25 -year prison sentence on Monday ( 03/31/2014 ) . The man named Oscar Ortega - Hernandez ( 23 years ) appeared in federal court after pleading guilty in September on charges related to terrorism and weapons possession . He was initially charged with 17 criminal charges linked .
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The prosecutor demanded Ortega - Hernandez for shooting at the White House with a Romanian -made assault rifle from the window of his car on November 11 , 2011 night . After asking a number of bullets into the White House , he fled toward the bridge leading to the Virginia suburbs , but the vehicle had crashed and he fled on foot , officials said .

Authorities said Ortega - Hernandez's fingerprints are found on a box of ammunition left in a honda car made ​​in 1998, but none of the weapons , which are also left in the car .

President Obama and his family were not in the White House at the time of the incident .

" This guy is driving cross-country to launch an attack with an assault rifle at the White House on Constitution Avenue , " said U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen , who demanded the case. " He was motivated by hatred of the President and the desire to start a revolution against the federal government . "

" We are very fortunate that the bullet missed a number of U.S. Secret Service personnel who guard the White House that night . 's 25-year jail sentence suggests that anyone who came to the state capital with a plan for the use of force should spend decades behind bars , " Machen said .

Ortega - Hernandez was arrested at a Pennsylvania motel five days after the incident .

In court documents , prosecutors argue Ortega - Hernandez that dangerous and had planned crimes charged to him for several months .

According to the FBI , friends Ortega - Hernandez reported that he had made ​​anti - government statements since 2010 . Officials said the man was believed that the federal government is trying to control the American people via GPS , fluoride and aspartame . (see also: situs download film terbaru)

He was also angry at what he believed , namely that the U.S. intimidate other countries , including the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq , and claimed that the President is an " anti - Christ " . Ortega - Hernandez himself told his friends that he was " on a mission from God to destroy Obama . "


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