Friday, March 14, 2014

There were 20 cases of illegal logging in Meru Betiri

A total of 20 cases of illegal logging going on in the area Betiri Meru National Park ( national park ) located in Jember and Banyuwangi , East Java , during the last five months ( January-May ) 2011.
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Chief Ranger ( Polhut ) TNMB , Musafa on Tuesday , said as many as 20 illegal logging cases , only four cases were processed by national park officials and police officers .

" A total of 16 cases of illegal logging and the only other officer finding no suspects. Officers only found a used timber that has been harvested and the number of logs at the edge of the forest , " he said at the national park office Jember.Ia explain cases of illegal logging are the highest in the region National Park Management Section ( SPTN ) region II Ambulu which covers 28 370 hectares ( ha ) .

" SPTN Region Region II includes the village Sanenrejo , Andongrejo , Wonoasri and Bandealit . Monitor the number of officers that the region is very limited , so that illegal logging still occurs in the area of ​​national park , " he said .

Musafa suggests that most types of wood felled by the actors normally Sapen wood types , yellow and rakes because the wood is easy to sell to the need for the home such as doors and windows .

In addition to illegal logging , he said , during the last five months of hunting of wild animals also occur as much as two cases , one case as many as forest encroachment , and forest disturbance in the conservation area four cases .

" The ability of workers polhut as many as 33 people to oversee the Meru conservation area covering an area of ​​58 thousand hectares Betiri unbalanced , but officials will narrow the space for illegal loggers , " he explains .

According to him , the amount of illegal logging in 2010 as many as 43 cases , in 2009 as many as 58 cases , and in 2008 as many as 65 cases , so there is a trend of illegal logging cases in the Meru region Betiri decreased . (see also: vitamin burung)

" Hopefully this year illegal logging cases decreased with the hard work done polhut officers supervise offenders in the illegal logging , " he said .


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