Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tropical Cyclone Jack Inhibitory Search MH370

Had expected to support the mission of the ninth Malaysia Airlines MH370 search operation involving unmanned submarine Bluefin - 21 , the weather in the waters of the Indonesian Ocean worsen .

"The conditions are very bad weather and low visibility , " said a statement from the Joint Coordination Center Board , as quoted by the Malaysian Insider , Tuesday, April 22, 2014 .

The bad weather due to tropical cyclones Jack could result in searches ineffective and even potentially dangerous . Therefore , a search plane carrying 239 passengers and crew members laid off for a while .

Entering the ninth mission , the Bluefin - 21 yet to find any trace of the existence of MH370 . Until now , unmanned mini-submarines have traced two-thirds of the search area under water in the ocean waters of Indonesia, about 2,000 kilometers northwest of Perth .
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Search team Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight planning to move the location of the search of the Indonesian Ocean ( Indian Ocean ) to another place . This plan comes after the team worked for 45 days in the waters of the Indonesian Ocean , but found no trace of the missing aircraft since the March 8, 2014 .

As reported in the New Straits Times , a member of the international investigation team based in Kuala Lumpur said the search team was thinking to go back to the starting point of the search to find the following MH370 239 passengers . ( Read : Cost Search Complained Starting MH370 )

The team is considering a statement Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak at a press conference in March that the possibility of the plane landed elsewhere . " But about the possibility of certain countries to hide the plane , when more than 20 countries together to look , did not seem to make sense , " said a member of the investigative team as reported by Malaysia Today , Monday, April 21, 2014 . ( Read : MH370 hijacked , this explanation journalists Afghanistan )

Australian Ambassador to the U.S. , Kim Beazley , said Australia would make a decision in the next few days about whether to change the location of the search or resume search in Ocean Indonesia MH370 . The problem is , they 've searched our 45 day Indonesian Ocean , but none of the signs of the plane was missing there .

Bluefin - 21 , an unmanned robot detection with the ability to dive to a depth of 4,500 meters , it is nine times on his mission looking for MH370 . Even the location of the expanded search . Since the Bluefin - 21 assigned to early April , two- thirds of the scheduled search location has been traced by the robot . But to no avail . ( Read : Able to Reach Area BluefinTak loss MH370 )

Australia will discuss the possibility of changing the location of the search with the countries involved in the search . " All this will be explained openly if not found anything in the next few days , " said Kim Beazley as reported by CNN .
Today, Monday, April 21, 2014 , search teams continue to search MH370 by deploying military aircraft and ten of eleven ships . ( Read : MH370 Aircraft Believed Still Intact in Seabed )


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