Thursday, April 17, 2014

Democrat-Golkar Rejects Vote on Hotel

Democrats and Golkar refused plenum counting results 9 April 2014 legislative elections held at the provincial level star hotels, such as the Bali General Elections Commission proposal .

" We do not agree calculation carried out at five-star hotel , the better the building Wiswa Sabha held at the Governor's office or at the office of the Commission Bali alone , " said Democratic Party Chairman of the Council of Bali , Made Mudarta , in Denpasar on Thursday .

According to him , the implementation of the counting of votes has been started from the lowest level , ranging from polling stations , at PPS ( village ) , district to plenary in KPUkabupaten / cities in Bali which is quite tiring .

Meanwhile , Election Commission tally in Bali live match data alone and also counting is done in turns ranging from 1 to Dapil Dapil Bali Bali 9 .

"In addition , the minimum permissible rules presented two witnesses , both witnesses to speak up when the plenary of the parties and witnesses . From this amount does not need to be developed further so as not to spend more on consumption and cost much more. Likewise with candidates DPD is not necessarily all of them will be present , " he said .

Similar delivered DPD Golkar Party Secretary Bali , Komang Purnama , who called the proposal a plenary at the hotel just going to spend the budget .

" We hope that the security issues and the impact on tourism in the Kuta area is also taken into consideration , let alone will bring 560 people . Congestion , parking location and not to mention protests from each witness who is ready to bring supporters of each party , " he hoped .
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Komang Purnama propose better plenary held in Denpasar , besides lie closer , also in case of disturbing things that can be anticipated by the security of the Bali Police , and does not interfere with tourism .


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